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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sweet Place of Breakthrough

Yesterday was a day of celebration.  I lost a pound.  Yes I know some would say a pound, big deal.  Oh, how long I have waited to see that scale move.  I started a professional weight loss program back in October.  I lost 2 pounds at first and then that blessed scale stalled.  I have weekly appointments rotating between an exercise physiologist, dietitian and a health coach.  To put it mildly I was frustrated.

I tracked what I ate.  I exercised.  I practiced self talk.  Why wasn't the scale moving?  One week I looked at them and asked if it was broken. Unfortunately it wasn't.  I was feeling better and I had energy, but to the extent I wanted.  So what was I missing?  I needed to dig deeper, so I joined an online bible study, Made to Crave.

This study has saved me from my self!  I discovered I was doing the right things but going about it with only the motions.  I was missing the most important piece, GOD.  When I started diligently reading the book and participating I felt lighter, literally.

What made yesterday so special was I prayed out loud.  It was my turn to drop Mickey off at school.  Our routine is for her to pray for the day as I drive.  But yesterday she simply said, "Mom I really think you should today."  So I did.  I included my appointment with scale, that the number would be smaller, but most importantly I wouldn't  let that number define my worth.  What was amazing is when I picked her back up after school we talked about our day.  When I told her about my loss.  She was so excited for me.  Her words were "Wow one whole pound,  even with a twisted ankle. That's awesome."  (I sprained it the week before and was on crutches for a few days.)

I felt so good that I celebrated by going to the pet store to get a few things for the pets.  Normally I would of celebrated with ice cream from DQ.  To way was I going to go backwards.  I thought to my self how would God feel if I polluted my victory.

I'm changing from the inside out and it feels like freedom!  Thank you Mandisa for joining me every day on my way into work and on the way home.  I listen to "Overcomer" first and then the rest of the album.  I even set both my ring tone and alarm to" Overcomer". It is wonderful!  Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us!

"The truth of my identity as a child of God empowers me to believe that living in victory tastes sweeter than any unhealthy delicacy."  Lisa Terkeurst, Made To Crave
 In His Grace,                          


  1. Hello Peg! Praising God with you in your victory!! How awesome that He led you here to this study at such a perfect time. Praying for continued breakthroughs.
    Katrina Wylie (OBS small group leader)

  2. Hi Peg!

    I am dropping by from Heartland Inspired. I loved your post! Your comment about doing all the right things with only the motions really hit home. Because I haven't looked at my struggle with being healthy as a spiritual struggle.

    Congrats on seeing the scale move and feeling lighter! Looking forward to seeing what God does through you as you continue on this journey!